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Roles Needed

Actor Rehearsing on Stage
  1. This is for every role in your film that you want to ask for in the Casting Call.

  2. Select your film from the drop down list.

  3. Enter the name and description of the character.

  4. Select the role of the character.

  5. Demographics select all checkboxes that apply.                                                (If a demographic does not matter then select all boxes from that column.)

  6. Upload the side for this character in a PDF.                                                     (Two pages if a primary character, one page if a supporting character.)

  7. Hit the submit button.  Make sure you get the confirmation message.

  8. Repeat the process for every role you want added to the Casting Call.



Age Range
Select File

Anything in red is required information and must be added.

Rejoice!  Your role has been sucessfully submitted!

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