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Director Resources


As an independent film director you will need to assemble everything you need for your film.  This includes but is not limited to props, costumes, locations, actors, equipment, and craft services.


We actually have quite a few props from previous films.  So first start by asking the group if anyone has access to the prop you need.  If not then there is always Amazon/EBay or just a local store.  Pro tip, if you are going to order props online, get them early just to be sure you have everything right.


Costumes are more specific to the body types of the actors you cast.  But certain general costumes like cloaks, vests, hats, etc are doable.  So first start by asking the group if they have access to the costume you need.  If not thrift stores are fantastic for clothing that has that built in pre-used look, and of course there is always Amazon/EBay.  Regardless of where you get your costumes you need to get them early enough that your actors can try them on and make sure they fit way before actual shooting.


FIrst and foremost it is important to stress you should have no more than two locations in a given day of shooting.  Travel time will take up two much of your time otherwise.  Ideally it should just be one location.  That does not mean just one set.  If the location is a house for example you could have multiple sets (rooms) in the same one location. The audience will never know it's the same house.  Now we do have a list of locations that have been used in the past that were quite friendly with previous shoots.  If there is a location on this list you might want to use then reach out to the contact person.


Starting with the sixth wave of actors we have been growing a steady database of actors.  We will be doing a fresh casting this summer (July 18th/19th/25th/26th) which will be added to this database.


Most of the regular filming equipment you will need for the shoot will be provided by the group itself.  Your cinematograher, sound engineer, first AD, and script supervisor will bring the equipment that they need.  However sometime before the shoot you will need to take your cinematographer out to the location and discuss on set the specific equipment needed for your shoot.  If your shoot requires special equipment you will need to secure it ahead of time.  Depending on the equipment you might have to rent that equipment.  Ther are several local film equipment rental companies that would have anything you would need.  You will have to pay for the rental and depending on the value of the equipment you may need to pay for extra equipment insurance.

Craft Services

Craft services are a mid shoot meal and snacks all day.  The snacks should be easy to pick and eat right away.  I would recommend a decent spread of items including both fresh and individually packaged snacks.  Cast and crew are looking to nibble between shots.  Drinks should also be a decent mix though bottled water should be well represented.  Both drinks and snacks should be individually wrapped.  Don't get a two liter of soda, it will just be wasted.  Mid meal should be catered.  By that I mean you should get a variety of food from a local restaurant.  That can be as simple as just pizza or full meals.  We are currently working on a short list of restaurants that will cater at a discount for us.

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