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Film Production Schedule

8th Wave Rules (2023)

1.  First Film - 1 Day/Second Film - 2 Days

Your first film with the group is limited to a one day (12 hour) shoot.  If you have already made a film with the group then you get two days of shooting preferably one long weekend, but not required.

2.  Rough Draft Submission

You must submit a rough draft of your script by April 15th.

3.  Review Panel

You will need to meet with the Review Panel.  We will discuss the specifics of your film to make sure it can be completed in the time given.

4.  Pre Production Requirements

You will need to email the Casting Notice, sign the Code of Conduct, and pay the Set Insurance by June 1st.

5.  Responsible for all other production costs

All directors need to provide a mid shoot meal and snacks all shoot long.  Every director is also expected to pay for all the other costs of the production. Generally speaking that includes props, costumes, locations, special equipment, and special effects.  Our productions are usually very cheap that is the whole point of a collective, but you are still responsible for all production costs.

  • Saturday, April 15th - Rough Draft Submission

  • Thursday, June 1st - Pre Production Requirements

  • Saturday, June 3rd - Main Casting Call

  • Saturday/Sunday June 17th/18th - Auditions

  • Saturday/Sunday June 24th/25th - Auditions

  • Saturday, July 22nd - Casting Decision Deadline

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