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How To Get Involved


Come to an Event

There are several opportunities to join in on the fun.


Script Meetings:  Have a script and want to share it?  Just want to see what we are about without committing to anything?  We read scripts submitted by anyone and everyone willing to share their script.


Micro Films:  Want to be on set and just can't wait?  Want to learn a new crew position?  We film a one to two page script in three hours in our Studio.  All are welcome.

Writing Workshops:  Want to get in some writing practice?  Attendees are encouraged to write a very short script based on a randomly generated prompt.


We do have a calendar of all of our upcoming events which include a direct link to all of the Zoom meetings.

Check out our calendar>

Direct a Film

Do you have an awesome idea for a short film you want to make? Charm City Filmmakers wants to help you make it!


Our group prefers to shoot new films in "waves", which allows directors to help each other through each step of the production process. We start a new wave of projects roughly every 6 months. We table-read each others' scripts and offer constructive feedback. We hold auditions as a group to attract the largest number of actors. It's a great way for new filmmakers to learn the ropes of being a first-time director!

Read more here >


Other Crew Roles

If you aren't ready to direct your own film yet but still want to participate in the film making process, there are many other roles you can fill! We are always looking for more cinematographers, audio engineers, grips, gaffers, production assistants, and script supervisors.

Not sure what some of these roles are? You should still come to our next meeting, and we will be happy to teach you!


Our group is run by volunteers who simply love to make films. But we also have a lot of expenses: website fees, fees, renting space to hold our meetings and renting space to screen our films to the public.


If you have the means to help us cover some of these costs and support Baltimore filmmakers, we would be most appreciative.

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