Looking for Actors!

Charm City Filmmakers is producing nineteen short films written and directed by its members. Each film shoot will be on a single weekend in the Baltimore area this summer. Actors will be compensated with credits, copy, and craft.

Due to the escalating nature of the current coronavirus situation we have decided to change our auditioning process. First and foremost we will NOT be holding in person auditions. Instead we are asking you, the actors, to send us video submissions.

  1. You can submit for as many roles as you would like.

  2. Each role you audition for should be its own video. For example, if you want to submit for six roles then you need to submit six videos.

  3. You can record those videos on anything that is convenient for you, your webcam, your phone or anything else you have available. The videos do not need to be high quality. We just need to see you clearly performing the role.

  4. Each video must start with you slating into the camera. That is at the beginning of each video clearly state your name and the role you are reading for.

  5. The videos can be uploaded to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other convenient method of getting those videos to us.

  6. All videos must be submitted by Sunday, March 29th.

  7. Once all the videos are reviewed by the directors, we will be reaching out to you to schedule in-person auditions. Unfortunately, at this time I cannot give you an exact date for those in person auditions. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Ready to submit your audition recording?

Project Descriptions

Tension mounts for a woman desperate not to be alone and the man overwhelmed by her mono-phobia. When they reach a breaking point, her fear proves all too real.

  • Kate (Primary) Female, 20 to 30 years old. Kate looks polished and well put together for a dinner party. But she is a woman slowly unraveling into paranoia and fear.

  • Ryan (Primary) Male, 20 to 30 years old. Ryan is also polished and handsome. His frustration seethes under the surface and culminates in desperation and grief when he realizes he may not be able to help the woman he loves.



A coveted necklace bestowing rule of a nation is stolen just before it is granted to the most deserving pupil, to what lengths will our protagonist go to retrieve and protect it?

  • The Master (Primary) Male, Ages 40 to 60. The Master does believe Zuri to be the most deserving but is hesitant because he thinks Zuri’s hurtful past may drive him to retribution over him for taking over his community.



An Entrepreneur helps people focus and achieve their ambitions through his unique approach by creating situations that make them act and realize their true potential.

  • Ray (Primary) Male, Age 25 to 35. Ray is a major in psychology and is a very confident person. He is articulate and to the point in his communication and likes helping people.

  • Rachelle (Primary) Female, Age 25 to 35, White. She is a humble, easy-going and caring person.

  • Jared (Primary) Male, Age 25 to 35. He is a very talented cook but lacks confidence in taking any bold steps.

  • Jessie (Supporting) Age 20 to 30. Good friend and colleague of Jared

  • Manager (Supporting) Male, Age above 30. Manages restaurant where Jared works.

  • Cleaner (Supporting) Age above 20.

  • Unknown Assistant (Supporting) Age below 25. Works for Ray in the Catalyst office.



A couple of mobsters planning to do a hit on a businessman find themselves on the wrong end of a gun by a girl who is trapped inside the trunk of a car that they have stolen.

  • Dominic (Primary) Male, 30-50 years old. The more intelligent of the two gangsters who is responsible for planning the murder.

  • Anthony (Primary) Male, 30-50 years old. The more gregarious of the two gangsters who doesn’t do any of the planning, but just what he is told to do.

  • Lauren (Primary) Female, 20-30 years old. A spry girl with an impatient attitude who isn’t afraid of taking action if she thinks that physical harm will come to her.

  • Pizza Shop Owner (Supporting) Male, 50-60 years old. Is a two-faced individual who acts tough when he’s in control, but quickly becomes a coward when faced with danger.

  • Police Dispatcher (Supporting) Female, 30-50 years old. A career public safety person who is more interested in following rules and protocols than actually helping someone calling in to report a crime.



After the death of his parents, a manipulative playboy, tries to escape from a naïve young woman he framed.

  • Wes (Primary) Male, 20 to 40 years old. Wes is a charming, materialistic, manipulative, callous playboy, that wants nothing more in life than to take over the family business; and to be loved by the public.

  • Caged Doll (Primary) Female, 20 to 40 years old. The Stanton’s personal assistant, that always wanted to be with Wes and would do anything for him. Caged doll is naïve, gullible, and oblivious, which leads to Wes taking advantage of her.

  • Detective Casey (Supporting) 40 to 60 years old. Aggressive and outspoken detective that is assigned to the Stanton case.

  • Mr. Stanton (Supporting) Male, 40’s to 60’s years old. Mr. Stanton is Wes’s father. Mr. Stanton is a wealthy, critical, stern, and well-known businessman.

  • Brandy(Voice over) Female, 20 to 40 years old. Wes’s devious and materialistic girlfriend. She helps him frame the caged doll.



A brother and sister do their best to deal with living with an abusive father.

· Son (Primary) Male, Early/Mid 20's. Young man who has seen some strife in his short life. Has experienced years of physical abuse from his father. Has a fierce love and loyalty to his sister.

· Daughter(Primary) Female, Late teens/Early 20's. Young woman close to graduating high school. Has experienced various levels and types of abuse from her father. Has hardened herself to adapt to her world, but has a strong relationship with her brother

· Father (Voiceover) Male, Early/Late 40's. Abusive, alcoholic father. Shifts into a primal demeanor quickly. Face won't be seen onscreen, but presence is very well felt and seen.



A man and his son are attacked by cannibals.

· Richard (Primary) Male, 50 years old. He’s a dad. He’s old-school. He’s still hip, though. He’s bookish.

· Blake (Primary) Male, 20 years old. A square head. Short haircut. Has to be funny, athletic.

· Cannibal Woman (Non-Speaking) Female, mid to late 20s. She’s stunning. Her presence is magical. She needs to be savage. She needs to have animal-like tendencies. She has to be able to change from normal to psychotic. She will eventually reveal that she is a cannibal.

· Cannibal Man (Non-Speaking) Male, 20 years old. Greasy looking. He is a cannibal. Heavy-set. Dirty hands.

FIRST DATE: A shy young woman decides to open herself to the possibility of companionship by going on a date with a charming but difficult-to-read young man.

· Sarah (Primary) Female, mid-20s to early 30s. She is an introverted, thoughtful person who is currently a little lonely in life. She occasionally battles social anxiety and low self-confidence.

· Dan (Primary) Male, mid-to-late 20s. Dan is charming and handsome, with confidence that reads as charisma. He is very comfortable in social situations. He enjoys putting people at ease.

· Server (Supporting) Server is polite, efficient, and professional.

· Mother (Supporting) Female, 50 – mid 60s. She is caring and sensitive to her daughter’s feelings. She hopes to see her daughter develop the confidence to put herself out there.



The story of two young lovers trying to outgrow a city in chaos.

· Alan (Primary) Male, ages 20 to 27, Black. Alan is a calm young man yet passionate. He comes from the local housing projects and is eager to learn and see what the world has to offer. Alan is in love with Robin unlike any love he has ever experienced and he is letting down his guard with her and is nervous about the results.

· Robin (Primary) Female, ages 20 to 27, Black. Robin is an energetic, intelligent woman. She is community and family oriented. She is straight to the point and no nonsense about her space and autonomy. She loves to smile and often says the first thing on her mind which often lands her in trouble.

· Rahiem (Primary) Male, ages 20 to 27, Black. A young hustler. Looking to make as much money as he can and to live life to the fullest. He feels like once it's his then it is always his, women or money. He is selfish but also can be loving.

· Man with the Bat (Supporting) Male, ages 50 to 55, Black. Is frustrated beyond words. He is a father and husband who wants to protect his family. He believes he should keep up the fight for the people even if it gets physical.



Classy Woman walks down Graffiti Alley taking photos. Encounters Goth Girl and the Bum.

· Classy Woman (Primary) Female, ages 30’s to 55. Determined, artistic, refined.

· Goth Girl (Supporting) Female, teens to 30. Enthusiastic, outgoing, flighty.



Collin comes across a discarded doll house left by the side of the road, then unknowingly releases a vengeful spirit trapped inside the find.

· Collin(Primary): Male, age 20 to 30. Collin has severe OCD. He’s very caring, emotional and loves his mom, who died years earlier.

· Old Man(supporting): Male, age 65+. Rough exterior with a devious, non-feeling disposition. (Lines will be read in Latin)

· Crime Scene Crew Member 1(supporting): Genderless, age 21+

· Crime Scene Crew Member 2(supporting): Genderless, age 21+



A documentary crew interview the one and only, Death. Comedy ensues.

· Death (Primary) Male, ages 35 to 45. Death is the transporter of souls between the mortal plane and the afterlife. He's overworked, irritable, and a bit somber but he's trying to help and he always tells it straight.

· Ben (Primary) Male, ages 20 to 30. Ben is Death's assistant. He's stuck with Death due to a paperwork screw up, so he's a jerk to his boss as petty revenge. He's quick witted, sardonic, and purposely frustrating.

· Interviewer (Supporting) Male, ages 20 to 65. The Interviewer is asking Death and Ben questions for the documentary. (This role is almost entirely voice work)

· Woman (Supporting) Female, ages 20 to 40. Soul collected by Death

· Man (Supporting) Male, ages 20 to 30. Soul collected by Death



A demon finds the right pressure point that forces a man to sell his soul.

· Greg (Primary) Male, 20 to 30 years old. Greg is an irresponsible person that spends most of his time getting high and drunk.

· Alu (Primary) 35 to 50 years old. An ancient, and androgynous, Akkadian/Sumerian demon that normally roams at night. Alu is a trickster that is very confident in his ability to manipulate humans.

· Jasmine (Supporting) Female, 20 to 30 years old. Jasmine is a faithful girlfriend that is also a bit of an enabler.



A mother reminisces on one very fateful day from her childhood.

· Naomi Mother (Primary) Female, 22 – 40. She is in an abusive marriage. She loves her daughter very much.

· Naomi Father (Supporting) Male, 22 – 40. He is drunk and abusive. He takes all of his frustrations out on his family.

· Young Naomi (Supporting) Female, 2 - 8. Although very young she does know full well how abusive her father is.

· Police Officer (Supporting) Ages 20 – 60. Efficient and compassionate.



An open married couple in a therapist's office each recollect a separate date night with Agatha to which both go horribly awry.

· Natalie (Primary) Female, 22 – 36. Natalie is modest, habitual with a professional demeanor but constantly seeks fun activities and adventures outside of her comfort zone.

· Simon (Primary) Male, 22 – 39. Simon is crass, loud and sometimes forgets to act appropriate to his surrounds. He is well-intended though and cares about people.

· Dr. Singer (Supporting) Male, 38-55. Dr. Singer is a well-respected therapist with a long history of couples therapy and counseling but has rarely encountered any clients with sexual misfortunes, so he's taken aback by this.



A special agent hunts down a drug lord and her inner circle, but what seems like a “cops and robbers” scenario takes a turn for the personal for three lives that are intertwined in more ways than one.

· Drug Lord (Primary) Female, Age mid-20s to mid-30s. Drug Lord is a strong woman, who handles her business with an iron fist. While she deals in illegal activity, she is not necessarily a ruthless person, but rather a rock of leadership.

· Large Man (Supporting) Male, Age mid 30s to mid 50s. In charge of most of the guards working for the Drug Lord. He is dedicated to the business and hostile to anyone who would interfere.

· Guard (Supporting) Age Range 20-40. One of the many mercenaries that work under the Drug Lord.



Aaliyah gets her dream of being accepted at Halstead Academy which quickly turns into a nightmare.

· Chase (Primary) Male, 18 years old, White/European Descent. Athletic, tall and good looking. The popular guy that you either love or wish you were. Comes off as a great guy but he most definitely is the villain in this tale.

· Spencer (lead) Male, 18 years old, White/European Descent. Tall, thin and good looking/pretty. Kind of an emo or effete look. Known for his dark, wild hair. Love interest of Aaliyah Shaw.

· Flint (Supporting) Male, 18 years old, Native American/Latin Descent. Dancer’s build, slim and tall. Part of Chase’s Crew.

· Baron (Supporting) Male, 18 years old, White/European Descent. Pale, slim and tall. Blonde hair, blue eyes. He’s the fraternal twin of Barbara Bich and the two are pretty much androgynous. Part of Chase’s Crew.

· Markas (Supporting) Male, 17 years old, Native American/Latin Descent. Aaron Flint’s younger brother.

· Pui (Supporting) Female, 18 years old, Mixed Race African and Asian Decent. Dancer. Friend of Aaliyah Shaw.

· Lisa (Supporting) Female, 17 years old, White/European Descent. Younger sister of Spencer Caprio. Similar emo-esque look as her brother.

· Joy (Supporting) Female, Late 30’s/Early 40’s, White/European Descent. The lead dance instructor and senior dorm’s house mother. She has a very boho and “hippie” style and mentality in general.

· Pierce (Supporting) Male, ages 19 or 20, White/European Descent. Athletic, tall and good looking. Older brother of Chase Sophos.



Stacy searches for hope and stability after being sexually assaulted.

· Stacy (Primary) Female, 16-18 years old. Stacy is a mature, friendly, level headed Junior in high school who was sexually assaulted and is searching for hope of returning to a stable life. She’s athletic and enjoys spending time with her friends. She has a close relationship with her parents.

· Cassie (Supporting) Female, 16-18 years old. Cassie is a studious and rational Junior in high school. She’s a humanitarian and enjoys spending time with her friends.

· Megan (Supporting) Female, 16-18 years old. Megan is a gossip queen who’s into boys, makeup, and fashion. She’s a Junior in high school who loves to socialize and spend time with her friends.

· Dad (Supporting) Male, 40-50 years old. Dad is a very supportive and encouraging person. He values spending time with his wife and daughter and supporting them in any way possible.

· Mom (Supporting) Female, 40-50 years old. Mom is motherly yet too overwhelmed to notice a change in her daughter. She values her daughter’s education and spending quality time with her husband.

· Therapist (Supporting) Female, 20-60 years old. Therapist is a caring person who finds value in helping teens find peace and stability. She’s accepting and has a calming persona.



In the distant future, a fringe archaeologist (Dr. Bogdan) is interviewed about a king who once ruled the entire world.

· Dr. Bogdan(Primary): White Male, 40 to 60 years old. Dr. Bogdan, who speaks with a Russian/foreign accent, has been regarded as a crackpot scientist, but knows the secrets of an enigmatic king who conquered the world in the 21st century. He is subtle in how he reveals his knowledge.

· Interviewer(Primary): Female, 20 to 30 years old, ethnicity doesn’t matter. The interviewer tries to make a mockumentary on Dr. Bogdan’s theories and the mysterious world conqueror named King Asilas. She is naïve and condescending during the initial parts of her interview with Dr. Bogdan.

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