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Using Google Documents

  • Have a Google account already skip ahead by click here otherwise . . .


Create your Google Account

  • Click the link Google Account Sign Up

  • Enter your First name and Last name

  • Click "Use my current email address instead"

  • Enter your email

  • Enter a password

  • Enter the same password to Confirm

  • Click the Next button

Enter Personal Info

  • Enter your phone number if you want

  • Enter a backup email if you want

  • Enter your birthday

  • Enter your gender

  • Click the Next button

  • Click the I agree button at the bottom of the next page

Log In

Opening a Google Document

Make Your Own Google Docs

  • Click on File in the upper left corner

  • Select Make a copy from the dropdown menu

  • Name your copy of the document

  • Click the OK button

  • Now fill out the document with your information


Sharing a Google Document

  • Click the link

  • Enter your password

  • Click the Next button

  • Double click on one of your reports

  • Click on File in the upper left corner

  • Select Share from the top of the dropdown menu

  • Enter the email of the person with whom you want to share the file

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